New Arrival

We’ve received our shipment of Little Surfer Boy by Jamie Wood for Clothworks. Every SKU in the collection is available and we have a limited number of the quilt pattern (shown on left) to hand out with a purchase from this collection.  littlesurferboyquilt

Little-Surfer-Boy-Y1202-2 Little-Surfer-Boy-Y1202-32 Little-Surfer-Boy-Y1203-23 Little-Surfer-Boy-Y1203-15 Little-Surfer-Boy-Y1203-2 Little-Surfer-Boy-Y1202-33 Little-Surfer-Boy-Y1204-32 Little-Surfer-Boy-Y1204-34 Little-Surfer-Boy-Y1204-36 Little-Surfer-Boy-Y1201-36 Little-Surfer-Boy-Y1201-23 Little-Surfer-Boy-Y1201-14 Little-Surfer-Boy-Y1200-36 Little-Surfer-Boy-Y1200-33 Little-Surfer-Boy-Y1200-14


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